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Hi! My name is Mia DyReyes and I am a junior at Brea Olinda High School.

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Welcome to my website! This year, I am taking AP Calculus AB, French 3, Dance Production, GITA 3, AP US History, AP Language, and Physics. In GITA 3, I am learning how to code using Javascript through p5.js! My goals for this year are to develop my coding skills to reflect what I like to do and become more fluent in Javascript.

My favorite things to do are bullet journaling, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles and going to the beach! I am also co-president of a club called HeForShe, focused on intersectional feminism and working to eliminate the patriarchy throughout our society!



This is my GITA 3 work!
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(8/23) This is a drawing of a bumblebee
that I made as my avatar project.

First Name

(8/24) This is a drawing of the letters in my
name out of my name rotated different ways.


(9/7) This is a program I made of my
bumblebee avatar moving across the landscape.
The sun sets and rises as the sky gets darker
and lighter to imitate day and night.


(9/20) This program is a mock tutorial
on how to draw an ice cream cone.

Child's Game

(9/30) This program is a game where
the player has to pop bubbles just
like a child's game.

(10/11) This program is a playable
piano with keys C, D, E, F,
G, and A.


(10/29) This program is a submarine
that moves with arrow key presses
and has randomly-generated fish
that move away from the submarine
as it comes near them.

Bouncing Bullets

(11/1) In this program, the submarine
from the previous program can move
with arrow key presses, shoot
bullets at a randomly-moving
fish and has scoring.

Space Odyssey

(12/13) This program generates random
astronauts, meteors and spaceships
from pressing Shift, Enter,
and the space bar.

Space Odyssey

(3/15) This game features two players
who move and shoot by key presses
and have individual scoring. They
also have forts that can cause
them to lose health and AI that
help them defeat the other player.

Space Odyssey

(5/26) This game is a rendition
of the iMessage game Tanks. The
player can move around and aim to
hit stars and its enemy with less
restrictions each level!



I'd love your feedback!

Brea, CA
Phone: +1(714) 990-7850
Email: 540001480@mybousd.us

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